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8 December 2023

Audio Transcription – it’s more than reading!

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing an audio version of a text document? It’s more complicated than you might think! There are a few things to think about before one of our audio transcribers even begins to record the document: Before recording Depending on the length of the document, the first thing our …

A man sitting in a recording studio, with a microphone close to his mouth.

27 November 2023

Embedded Easy Read for your website – what it is and how it works

We have recently expanded our Easy Read services to include embedded Easy Read and Easy Read videos. We have decided to write several blogs to help explain what these are and how they might be useful to your company. But, first, let’s go back to basics and talk about Easy Read. Easy Read One of …

Image of online survey in Easy Read

3 November 2023

Easy Read – what to think about

By Amelia Ling You might not know how the process of Easy Read transcription works, or even what to ask for when you place an order with us – that’s why we’re here to help. Before we transcribe your document  into Easy Read, there are four things the A2i team would like you to consider: …

A group of people around a meeting table, looking at documents

13 October 2023

How to get documents translated into audio

  You’ve been asked for an audio version of your magazine or letter. You know it’s important for accessibility, but what does ‘an audio version’ mean? And how can you arrange to get one? Let A2i help you with your audio needs Documents translated into an audio format are useful for people who are print …

Headphones on a bright yellow background

4 October 2023

‘A new Consumer Duty’: new access rules for financial services organisations

Since July of this year, financial services organisations have been expected to follow new rules that govern how they should treat their customers, especially more vulnerable customers. If you are an organisation that offers financial services such as banking, insurance or investment, this is for you. We want to help you keep up to date …

A desk with bills, a calculator and a pen spread across it

3 July 2023

Arabic Braille and Braille in other languages

According to the Musée Louis Braille, Braille is used by around 6 million people worldwide, in every single language. While the majority of Braille A2i produces is Grade 2 UEB Braille did you know we can also produce Braille in a number of other languages? We can produce Braille in almost all European languages, as …

An book with Arabic text on the left-hand page, and English text on the right-hand page

19 June 2023

What is UEB Braille, and what is Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille?

By Talia Morse Have you ever wondered what the term ‘UEB’ means, or what the different grades used to describe Braille mean? Here’s a quick rundown on what we mean when we use those phrases.   UEB Braille Most of the Braille documents A2i produce are in UEB Grade 2 Braille, which is the most …

The sentence “People like knowledge but don’t like reading” in Grade 2 Braille at the top and in Grade 1 Braille underneath. The Grade 2 example is less than a line long. The Grade 2 example is almost 2 lines long.

24 April 2023

A2i Easy Read User Group – what we learnt about pictures at our latest session

A2i’s partnership with Mencap Through our relationship with our local branch of Mencap, the UK’s leading learning disability charity, A2i’s in-house Easy Read experts regularly meet with an Easy Read User Group, also called a Focus Group. This is an invaluable way to collect feedback and suggestions from the people most likely to use our …

A hand doing a thumbs up

23 March 2023

What is the difference between Large Print and e-text?

By Amelia Ling   Large Print and e-text are both alternative formats for people with a print disability. If someone has a print disability, this means they have a visual impairment or a learning disability that impacts their ability to read, such as dyslexia. What is similar? For both Large Print and e-text, all text …

An open laptop on a desk. There is an orange and black image on the screen, above some text. There is an open notebook by the laptop. A person's arm is on the desk, with the hand hovering over the mouse pad of the laptop.

13 March 2023

What is e-text?

By Amelia Ling E-text has become an incredibly popular format for companies to have transcribed. But what is e-text? E-text simply means any text that can be read digitally such as a book, pdf and even a text message. Your company might require documents to be transcribed into e-text so they can be read digitally …

A young man sitting at a desk, looking at a laptop and listening to audio through headphones.
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