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19 July 2024

How has technology improved accessibility over the last 25 years?

At A2i we’re celebrating our 25th birthday so we’re looking back at how accessibility and technology have changed over the last 25 years. From mobile phones to AAC devices, we want to talk about how modern technology has improved accessibility for disabled people. In 1999, as the millennium approached, there was a sense of society …

A hand catching a mobile phone

27 June 2024

A2i is 25! Let’s celebrate!

This month marks an important milestone for A2i: our 25th birthday! 25 years of providing accessible formats to thousands of organisations, charities, government bodies, and individuals  across the UK.   As we celebrate our achievements, we want to share how our small business has changed over the last 25 years. If you follow us on …

A2i's old logo, and A2i's new logo next to each other. the new logo is more accessible and more modern.

14 June 2024

Running a business for 25 years

By Susie Fisher When I set up this business, I didn’t really have any long-term aspirations or goals. I simply saw a need, and felt I knew how to meet that need. At age 25, I also had the perspective of youth with little responsibility and plenty of energy! Who knew what would happen?! I …

Susie Fisher smiling

20 May 2024

5 ways A2i increase the digital accessibility of your e-text PDFs.

by Amelia Ling   At A2i, our expert transcribers follow a strict process, guided by WCAG accessibility standards, to ensure our e-text documents are accessible to people who are Blind or visually impaired. E-text is a digitally accessible format for people who cannot read printed text. Some people need to read information digitally using accessible …

A lady preparing e-text on a computer screen

13 March 2024

How do visually impaired people access e-text documents?

By Dave Horwood As a visually impaired person, I feel empowered when an e-text document is accessible. It means I can access information without assistance, on an equal footing with my sighted friends and family. What is E-text? E-text is text that can be read digitally such as e-books, pdf documents and even text messages. …

Dave sitting at his desk, smiling, in A2i's office. He is wearing a turquoise jumper and has headphones on

27 February 2024

What is a BSL video?

Firstly, let’s talk about BSL. BSL stands for British Sign Language, and it’s a visual means of communication that includes gestures, facial expressions, and body language. According to Sense, BSL is the preferred language of around 87,000 people who are D/deaf. BSL is also used by many hard of hearing and hearing individuals. A BSL …

Image of a screen. The majority of the screen shows a still from a video, with a lady sitting at a garden table, talking. In the bottom right of the screen there is a man signing. To the left of the signer, and underneath the video of the lady, there are 2 lines of white subtitles on a dark blue background.

19 February 2024

How to convert documents into Large Print accessible format

 How to get documents your translated into Large Print Have you been asked to produce your information in Large Print?  You may be thinking, “…surely I can just magnify my document on the photocopier?” Or “Maybe I’ll just increase the font size…” We explain below why it can be a bit more complex than that, …

Photo of front covers of some documents for the Football Association. the bottom document is the standard print version. The other document is the Large Print version created by A2i.

13 December 2023

What is an Easy Read video

In our last blog, we talked about our new Easy Read service, embedded Easy Read. Additionally, we now offer Easy Read videos. Easy Read videos Like our standard Easy Read booklet, information in our videos is laid out in easily digestible slides and accompanied by suitable images. Specifically designed for adults with learning disabilities, Easy …

Image of front page of ER video entitled 'Why it’s hard for Deaf and Disabled people to take part in literature'. There are 3 company logos across the top (Criptic Arts, Arts Council England & Spread the Word), the document title is underneath, and below that there is an image of a girl sitting and leaning forward on a table, smiling.

8 December 2023

Audio Transcription – it’s more than reading!

Have you ever wondered what goes into producing an audio version of a text document? It’s more complicated than you might think! There are a few things to think about before one of our audio transcribers even begins to record the document: Before recording Depending on the length of the document, the first thing our …

A man sitting in a recording studio, with a microphone close to his mouth.

27 November 2023

Embedded Easy Read for your website – what it is and how it works

We have recently expanded our Easy Read services to include embedded Easy Read and Easy Read videos. We have decided to write several blogs to help explain what these are and how they might be useful to your company. But, first, let’s go back to basics and talk about Easy Read. Easy Read One of …

Image of online survey in Easy Read
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