13 December 2023

What is an Easy Read video

In our last blog, we talked about our new Easy Read service, embedded Easy Read. Additionally, we now offer Easy Read videos.

Easy Read videos

Like our standard Easy Read booklet, information in our videos is laid out in easily digestible slides and accompanied by suitable images.

Specifically designed for adults with learning disabilities, Easy Read videos are an interactive alternative to our traditional booklets. Users can choose to watch, read, or even listen to your Easy Read video by including a voice over.

A voiceover can work as a great auditory aid to help understanding. Many individuals learn best by hearing and listening to information. Our Easy Read User Group has told us they can better understand information that is spoken, rather than written.

Reading and listening at the same time can increase language skills and comprehension, as well as your ability to multitask. Conversely, users can choose not to watch the video and just listen if they prefer.

Easy Read videos give users the opportunity to reveal part of the document at a time, which can make long or complex documents less overwhelming.

Image of front page of ER video entitled 'Why it’s hard for Deaf and Disabled people to take part in literature'. There are 3 company logos across the top (Criptic Arts, Arts Council England & Spread the Word), the document title is underneath, and below that there is an image of a girl sitting and leaning forward on a table, smiling.

Example Easy Read videos

Watch our sample Easy Read video for Spread the Word about why it’s hard for Deaf and Disabled people to take part in literature.

Watch our sample Easy Read video for Art’s Council England.

Prices for Easy Read videos

You can have your documents transcribed into an Easy Read video for the same price as our standard Easy Read service:

  • £75 per 500 words of text over 3000 words.
  • Or £180 per 500 words of text under 3000 words.

You can include voiceover for an additional price of £90 to £180.

An image of the front page of an Easy read video entitled 'Advice about returning an object from a museum to the person or place it belongs to.' There are 4 images of old artefacts underneath.

Key information

As you can see, our Easy Read videos incorporate

  • Easy read words and accompanying images
  • 2 paragraphs of information per page.
  • brand identity such as logos, images, and colour palette.
  • optional voiceover.


If you’d like ask a question about our new Easy Read format, get in touch with A2i’s friendly team

Email: info@a2i.co.uk
Web: www.a2i.co.uk
Telephone: 01179 440044
Or use the quick quote form on our website: Quote Request

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