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Many people who are print-disabled will access information using computers or other digital devices, paired with specialist adaptive software which reads text out loud, magnifies it, or produces it on a refreshable Braille display. As transcription specialists, we offer an E-text service that translates electronic documents into the appropriate format for this adaptive software.

It is especially important to create accessible PDFs and accessible Word documents, and our E-text transcription team can adapt your document so that it is compatible with the broadest range of adaptive software possible. The most widely used software includes JAWS, BrowseAloud and Adobe’s ‘Read Out Loud’ tool.

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Our process
How to place an order for our E-text transcription services


Email the document to be transcribed

All you need to do is email us the document/s that you need adapted into E-text. Let us know any other details and whether you have a deadline.


Receive a quote for E-text translation

We'll send you a fixed price quote for our E-text service. We'll confirm the turnaround time and also provide any helpful suggestions you may wish to consider.


Sit back and relax

Our in-house E-text team will reformat your documents to create accessible PDFs or accessible Word documents. We will send your new documents to you, or directly to your recipient/s - usually within 3 working days.

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Our E-text transcription services include:

Image of PDF on a computer screen

Different types of document

  • magazines and journals
  • financial billing and statements
  • textbooks and educational material
  • books
  • online communication
Image showing a man using screen reading software

Output in various styles

  • fully accessible PDFs
  • accessible Word documents
  • presentation in Large Print style for screen magnifiers
  • your original PDFs made as accessible as possible
A refreshable braille display

Expert detail

  • adapting text layout
  • translating diagrams, graphs and pictures
  • E-text in a wide range of languages
  • maths E-text to degree-level standard
  • meet accessible information standard

Producing accessible PDFs

There are 2 options for accessible PDF files:

Either we can work with your existing PDF and make it as accessible as possible. In this scenario, the PDF would visually look the same. It would have full audio functionality so even if a reader was struggling to view parts of the document, they could listen to the audio content.

Alternatively, we can recreate the document to be a fully accessible PDF. This would involve adapting the colours and layout so it wouldn’t look the same as the original. This would be accessible for the full range of adaptive software, such as screen readers and screen enlarging tools.


Still confused? Play our video to see a summary of the differences or just get in touch!

Click here for a transcript of our “What are Accessible PDFs” video

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