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As specialists in Braille and large print services, we are committed to producing information that is accessible to all. Not every visually impaired person reads or needs Braille. Many people have some sight, but have difficulty reading regular size print (10-12 font).

Our large print transcription creates documents with a size and layout that we know is suitable for most people with a visual impairment. Our standard large print format is size 18 font, using black text on white paper. However, we are happy to adapt our style to create a large print version suitable for your customers’ needs, including printing on pale yellow paper if preferred.

Turning documents into large print formats has been shown to be helpful, when looking at how to help learners with visual impairment.

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Our process
How to place an order for our large print transcription services


Email the document to be transcribed

All you need to do is email us the documents that you need in a large print format. Let us know any other details - e.g. any specific font size or colour requests - and whether you have a deadline.


Receive a quote for large print formats

We'll send you a fixed price quote for our large print format services. We'll confirm the turnaround time and also suggest any additional options you may wish to consider.


Sit back and relax

Our in-house specialists will turn your document into your chosen large print format. We will send your new document to you, or directly to your recipients - usually within 3 working days.

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Our large print transcription service includes:

A2i's standard Large Print

Different types of document

  • letters, books, magazines and reports
  • financial billing and statements
  • exam papers
  • menus
Pages from a book about the brownies group. On the left is a standard print page, and on the right is the Large Print version of the same page.

Output in various styles

  • different font sizes and paper colours available
  • stapling, comb-binding or filing
  • Premium option to match your branding
  • postage to you or directly to your customers
Image of a Graphic Design Adaptation for a Football Association Resource Pack

Expert detail

  • adherence to UKAAF industry guidelines for all layout
  • adaptation of complex items, e.g. tables, graphs and forms
  • use of colour combinations and contrast
  • a range of languages, and maths to degree-level

Large print formats for dyslexia

Our large print transcription service is not only useful when looking at how to help students with visual impairments. Large print format documents can also be used for people with dyslexia. Sometimes dyslexic people can find it easier to read documents if the text is clearer, and our large print format service involves using clear fonts and spacing. If you require a specific font size or style, or colour paper for an individual, please just let us know and we will include this in our adaptation.

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Premium large print formats

Large print doesn’t have to be plain and uninspiring! Our premium large print transcription service includes design work to match your original branding, while still adhering to accessibility standards. This means that people with sight impairments can still experience the same quality and style.

This service is ideal for companies that want to offer true equality, and works really well with highly stylised documents.

Read our Girl Guides Case Study

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