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A leading transcription services provider
A2i is an accessible communication specialist and leading transcription service provider. The A2i team believes in the importance of accessible communication to help you reach a wider audience by making your information accessible to people who are blind, visually-impaired, hearing impaired or cannot read printed or on-screen text.

Why A2i? Our name reflects our service: to provide ‘Access 2 information’. Our expert transcription services change text into alternative accessible formats, so that everyone can have equal access to information.

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Our transcription services video

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As a transcription provider, we aim to:

  • make information accessible for people with visual or hearing impairment and other types of disability
  • help businesses meet their legal requirement
  • provide a fast turnaround
  • offer a friendly and professional service.

Our transcription services provide information in the following formats:

Susie Fisher

How A2i started

Susie Fisher started the A2i in 1999 from a bedroom! Now a thriving small business with a dedicated team, Susie tells us A2i’s story.

“I founded A2i back in 1999 when I worked in a university’s disability department and discovered it was impossible to get accessible formats transcribed for our visually impaired students in under two months.

I felt this was a huge equality problem, but one I could do something about – so I set up A2i as a document transcription provider. With the help of my team, A2i is now a leading alternative formats and transcription service provider in the UK. As an accessible communication specialist, A2i offers a speedy and reliable transcription service for a whole range of companies, individuals and organisations who want to be able to reach their blind, visually impaired and print-disabled audiences…”.

You can read the full story here...
Brownie book in Large Print

Document transcription to make information accessible for all

Our passion is to enable disabled people to access information as easily as anyone else. And we do this within an ethical and honest place of employment. We aim to create a positive working environment, with a culture of respect, teamwork and balance. Working together with diligence improves job satisfaction and productivity, and enables us to make a difference to our customers.

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