12 June 2024

A2i’s new video – meet some of our staff and learn about our services

Here’s the full script of A2i’s video

Hi, I’m Susie Fisher, Director of A2i. I set up A2i in 1999. I was working in a disability department in a University at the time, where I discovered that it was impossible to get course materials in Braille in less than two months which was obviously too slow for our students. I didn’t like this inequality, so I set up A2i to do something about it.

25 years later, we’re one of the UK’s leading alternative format providers.

I chose the name A2i because it stands for ‘Access 2 information,’ which is exactly what we do. We produce top-quality documents for people with disabilities so they can access information as easily as everyone else; and we send it out quickly as well.

My team at A2i are fantastic. They’re experts in transcribing to our various formats which include: Braille, Large Print, Audio, e-text, tactile diagrams, BSL videos and Easy Read, which is simplified text for people with learning disabilities.

The team are all really friendly and they’re committed to helping our customers in any way they can.


Hi. I’m Alice. I’m a transcriber at A2i.

We use our knowledge and extensive experience to transcribe your documents in the right way for you, and your clients. So, if you have any specific requirements – just talk to us.

We want to make everything easy for you. Once you place your order we normally dispatch your transcribed documents within just a few days. So get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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