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19 July 2024

How has technology improved accessibility over the last 25 years?

At A2i we’re celebrating our 25th birthday so we’re looking back at how accessibility and technology have changed over the last 25 years. From mobile phones to AAC devices, we want to talk about how modern technology has improved accessibility for disabled people. In 1999, as the millennium approached, there was a sense of society …

A hand catching a mobile phone

10 July 2024

How has Braille changed over the last 25 years?

By Dave Horwood   At A2i we’re celebrating our 25th birthday this year so we’re looking back at what has changed for our customers and staff since 1999. While Braille has been through many changes since its invention exactly 200 years ago, its role in teaching literacy to visually impaired people and allowing them to …

A refreshable Braille display

4 October 2023

‘A new Consumer Duty’: new access rules for financial services organisations

Since July of this year, financial services organisations have been expected to follow new rules that govern how they should treat their customers, especially more vulnerable customers. If you are an organisation that offers financial services such as banking, insurance or investment, this is for you. We want to help you keep up to date …

A desk with bills, a calculator and a pen spread across it

3 July 2023

Arabic Braille and Braille in other languages

According to the Musée Louis Braille, Braille is used by around 6 million people worldwide, in every single language. While the majority of Braille A2i produces is Grade 2 UEB Braille did you know we can also produce Braille in a number of other languages? We can produce Braille in almost all European languages, as …

An book with Arabic text on the left-hand page, and English text on the right-hand page

19 June 2023

What is UEB Braille, and what is Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille?

By Talia Morse Have you ever wondered what the term ‘UEB’ means, or what the different grades used to describe Braille mean? Here’s a quick rundown on what we mean when we use those phrases.   UEB Braille Most of the Braille documents A2i produce are in UEB Grade 2 Braille, which is the most …

The sentence “People like knowledge but don’t like reading” in Grade 2 Braille at the top and in Grade 1 Braille underneath. The Grade 2 example is less than a line long. The Grade 2 example is almost 2 lines long.

6 October 2022

The benefits of Braille Maths in educational settings

A Maths degree? That sounds difficult! Calculus, geometry, matrices, statistics – these sound quite daunting to a lot of people. Now imagine trying to do a Maths, Science or Engineering degree with little or no sight…. Visually impaired students may face some challenges when they first go to college or university – finding their way …

A student writing complex maths on a blackboard

23 June 2022

Forms and surveys in alternative formats – how to make them accessible

If you have a form or survey, and you’re getting it transcribed into alternative formats such as Braille, Audio, Easy Read or British Sign Language video – that’s great. But have you thought about how people who read the Braille document, or listen to the audio, are going to respond? They can’t just fill in …

Easy Read form

9 December 2021

Thanks from Public Health Scotland for vaccine information in alternative formats

Thanks to the hard work of our A2i team, and with the expect guidance of staff at Public Health Scotland, we have worked together to produce accurate, reliable, accessible information for people across Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic. A2i and Public Health Scotland have worked together since 2014. So when the COVID-19 pandemic started in …

Thank You Letter from Public Health Scotland

4 November 2020

How to provide electronic accessible documents to your customers

Many offices are shut during the pandemic, and the way organisations are sending out information is changing rapidly for many, but remember that the Equality Act 2010 still applies and your documents need to be accessible. Commercial and private organisations who supply documents such as bills and magazines/journals that customers have subscribed to, need to …

Transcription to E-text

25 September 2020

Education, COVID-19 and accessible courses for disabled students

A2i can transcribe your documents so your courses are accessible for disabled students. Large Print – Braille – Tactile Diagrams – eText & Accessible PDF’s – Audio – BSL videos COVID-19 A lot has changed for students and staff over the last few months, but there are still students with disabilities who need accessible course material, letters, and prospectuses – plus the …

A range of printed alternative formats
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