17 October 2022

How can Braille Maths help students in university?

Some common phrases you’ll hear a university student say are, “I’m stressed” and “I’m so behind”. Can you imagine the magnitude of stress for students who are visually impaired?

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Universities try to motivate learners to become independent in their studies and lives. Still, the significance of Student Support Services remains high. They are available to aid students with additional needs. They liaise with relevant department teams and faculties to check their course materials are accessible to students who are Blind or visually impaired – for example exam papers, lecture notes and textbooks.

Existing alternative formats from universities in the UK

A lot of universities in the UK offer an alternative format service which may include:

Some universities can contribute to transcribing short or long texts into accessible formats for their learners upon request. Depending on the text’s length and type, these services can have minimal waiting times. Turnarounds vary however between each university. Again, the stress!

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Students who are visually impaired may have to catch up with work if they cannot receive their accessible formats in time. For example, a Maths degree student with a visual impairment could be patiently waiting for accessible practice questions whilst their sighted peers have made a start. This inequality in accessing information can be solved through outsourcing specialist Braille Maths to a transcription service.

How A2i can help

A2i Transcription Services can solve this problem with their very own exceptional Braille Maths services. Our flexible and reliable team is ready to produce first-rate and tailored Maths learning resources so that visually challenged students can have an equal footing with their course mates. What’s more A2i’s processes are prompt, professional and personal.

Read more about our Maths Braille work for Liverpool Hope University

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All students should be able to access tailored learner resources and opportunities and A2i Transcription Services can help students with a visual impairment access formats in a stress-free way.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work with this. You have taken a lot of time to listen and put in place the additional suggestions to further increase our students independence and accessibility.”
Alison Gilmore, Education Authority NI

For more information about A2i’s Braille Maths service, or a quote, just get in touch with A2i’s friendly team at

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