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Our Braille Maths transcription services enables you to provide any document containing Maths in Braille. Text books, exam papers,  course material– we can translate any Maths document to Braille.

A2i’s knowledgeable staff include Braille specialists with years of experience transcribing Maths notation up to and including Degree level. Our dedicated Maths transcribers have degrees in either Maths or Engineering, plus extensive knowledge of Braille so they can help with any queries you have.

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Our process
How to place an order for our Braille Maths translation services


Email the Maths document to translate into Braille

All you need to do is email us the document/s you need to translate from text to Braille. Let us know how many copies you require and if you have a timescale.


Receive a quote for Maths Braille translation

We'll send you a fixed price quote for our expert Maths Braille transcription services. We'll state the turnaround time, and we'll also list any options you may wish to consider.


Sit back and relax

Our specialist Maths transcribers will take your document and translate it to Maths Braille including dealing with complex items such as Algebra and Functions, Calculus, Geometry and Statistics. We will send your Braille document/s to you or straight to your chosen recipients.

Specialist Maths transcription
Let A2i help you with your Maths Braille translation

Our professional team can transcribe Maths equations in Braille, from Maths used in statistical applications, through to real world Maths found in Engineering and Economics plus science subjects such as Physics and Biology.

We have years of experience in transcribing all levels of Maths such as:

  • Maths found in mainly textual documents (numerical units, superscripts and fractions)
  • Primary-level teaching Maths
  • Maths for GCSE and A- Levels
  • Degree-level Maths including: Teacher Training courses; Pure Maths degrees; Maths modules required for other subject degrees. For example: Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Data Handling, Economics, Finance, Chemistry and Biology
  • Diagrams and graphs


Primary School Braille Maths

When presenting Maths to younger students we may adapt the layout so new ideas are shown clearly. This is important to help them understand and follow the Maths techniques taught in class.

We would:

  • Adapt spacing around operation and comparison signs to make it easier for child to learn new Braille symbols
  • Set worked examples out as a vertical Maths layout, so that the child sees the problem as a whole.
  • Ensure the original print layout is preserved, in particular for fractions, as there are a few rules around how this should be presented in Braille.


Maths Braille for Secondary School GCSE’s & A-Levels

As the breadth and complexity of Maths increases many new concepts are introduced and the range of Maths Braille symbols increases dramatically.

We would:

  • Adapt spacing for longer algebraic expressions so that we find a good compromise between compactness and clarity of the Braille Maths
  • Think carefully about how best to format Maths expressions within the document so that the Braille Maths is divided in a way that follows the original mathematical structure
  • Decide how best to incorporate the necessary grade 1 indicators to ensure Braille symbols are well defined within complex expressions.


Degree Maths and beyond

Our Maths Braille specialists will support you and help you provide full access to curriculum materials for your students in their preferred accessible format.

Degree level Maths transcription can include topics such as:

  • Algebra and Functions
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Mechanics and Modelling
  • Set theory
  • Matrices

A2i are ready and able to transcribe all of these topics and more into the right Braille code for Maths, for you and your students.


Exam papers

A2i has years of experience transcribing Maths exam papers, for many Universities and academic bodies. Our Maths exam paper transcription service includes

  • a consistent layout with a focus on ensuring the Braille paper is easy for the student to navigate.
  • a print version of the Braille paper and printed notes for invigilators and support staff to help them navigate the Braille document. We indicate, for example, which pages contain the exam instructions, and where the exam questions start.
  • a second level of proofing to ensure accuracy and context with the original document is retained.


Tactile diagrams and graphs

As we all know, Maths isn’t always just text. There are often graphs and diagrams explaining certain concepts or data. And diagrams might be either computer-generated, or hand-drawn.

A2i can help with all of these. Find out more about our Tactile diagrams service

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Feedback from some of our Maths Braille clients

“We appreciated the personalised service – staff took a lot of time to listen and discuss how best to represent information to our student. They discussed various options and always wanted to create the most accessible format to ensure the student had increased independence and accessibility. They were very approachable and professional.”
Alison Gilmore at NI Education Authority

“We are delighted with the work carried out by A2i on behalf of our student. It’s highly specialised work, requiring knowledge of both alternative formats and mathematics to a high level. We worked with A2i to provide a timetable for materials to be produced across the year, and they tailored the documents to meet the individual needs of our student. The service they provide is fantastic.”
Judith Fiddy at Liverpool Hope University

Read our Liverpool Hope University blog for more information about A2i’s work with them.

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