19 February 2024

How to convert documents into Large Print accessible format

Photo of menu converted to Large Print accessible format

 How to get documents your translated into Large Print

Have you been asked to produce your information in Large Print?  You may be thinking, “…surely I can just magnify my document on the photocopier?” Or “Maybe I’ll just increase the font size…”

We explain below why it can be a bit more complex than that, and how our team of accessible information specialists at A2i can help make your documents accessible for people with sight loss.

How A2i can help you make your information more accessible

Documents translated into a Large Print format are useful for people who are visually impaired. Not every person with sight loss is completely blind, and not everyone reads Braille. Many visually impaired people have some sight but are unable to read standard print, (usually between font sizes 10 and 12), so making your information accessible by producing a Large Print version is essential if you want your information to reach everyone.

Providing a Large Print version of your document allows visually impaired people to have equal access to your information; it means that – just like your sighted readers – they can read your newsletter, letter, company report, magazine, article, or menu.

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How do you translate documents into Large Print – what happens?

Our team of information accessibility specialists can translate your documents – for example, magazines, reports, letters, menus – into Large Print format. This means one of our transcribers follows industry guidelines and also applies A2i’s knowledge and experience to translate your document into an easier format for visually impaired people to read.

When we translate to Large Print we use a minimum font size of 18 and print black text with full colour images onto white A4 paper. Our transcribers will carry out initial steps such as left-aligning your text, using a sans serif font, replacing italics, and using a font size appropriate for your reader. Read our top tips to find out more about these basic steps. However, our team also deals with more complex items such as images, columns, diagrams, tables, forms, and graphs – common in most documents but particularly found in magazines, reports, leaflets, and academic textbooks. Our expert team are skilled and experienced at converting this information into an accessible format for your reader – whether by describing, reformatting, enhancing, or simplifying it.

We work with you to produce high-quality Large Print documents, resulting in a professional product to match your brand and style. We are also keen to tailor our Large Print translations to match your readers’ preferences. So, if you have a particular individual in mind, just let us know when you send your documents for a quote.

For more tips on how to produce your own in-house Large Print documents, check out our resources page.

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