19 January 2023

Your documents as a BSL video – the benefits

British Sign Language (BSL) is the first and most preferred language among the d/Deaf community. It consists of not just hand gestures, but also facial expressions, and body language.

According to British Deaf Association (BDA), 151,000 UK citizens use BSL.

But did you know that BSL is very different to English, with different grammar and sentence structures?

Consequently, the average reading of BSL users for written English is just 9 years old. Would a 9 year old be able to read and understand your documents?

It’s important to consider this, and to make sure your written documents are inclusive and accessible. The best solution is to make your documents available as BSL videos with subtitles on your website.


A lady signing


There are numerous advantages of a BSL video:


Advantage 1: Independence in everyday life

With a BSL video, d/Deaf people can access your information independently without having to ask for an interpreter to assist them. They can access the videos in their own time in the comfort of their own homes, or when they’re out and about.


A lady sitting on a sofa, looking at her laptop


Advantage 2: Inclusion

Providing the correct accessible formats is a proactive way to create a sense of belonging, and to include valuable communities in your communications. BSL videos can reduce barriers to education, employment, and everyday information which all improves peoples quality of life. They also help you meet your obligations under The Equality Act 2010.


Advantage 3: A modern solution to meeting the needs of the d/Deaf community

Video is the way forward! In support of this, HubSpot found that 66% consumers have watched or engaged with video content to learn about a brand or product. A2i believes that a BSL video with subtitles is the most accessible format for d/Deaf end users as it’s customer focused.


A man signing on a video

About A2i’s BSL videos

A2i’s BSL videos are professional, accessible and top quality.

All of A2i’s specialist BSL translators are NRCPD registered which ensures accuracy and appropriate translation in all BSL videos produced.

We can

  • add subtitles to your new video, or to an existing video
  • add voiceover to your new video, or to an existing video
  • provide whole screen BSL videos or add a signer to the corner of an existing video
  • add your branding, images, and company colours
  • provide signers of different gender, race, and age if appropriate for your document
  • be flexible to your requirements.

Read more about How to order and what to expect when placing a BSL video order.

Read more in our blog about How to order and what to expect when placing a BSL video order.


For more information about A2i’s BSL videos services, or a quote for any of our transcription services, just get in touch with A2i’s friendly team at

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Web: www.a2i.co.uk
Telephone: 0117 332 5007
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