19 October 2018

Accessible PDFs: what are they?

So, do you think your website is accessible? If you have PDF documents on there, then unfortunately it probably isn’t…unless you have accessible PDF’s.

A PDF on a computer screenHave you ever listened to your online PDF documents using read-aloud software? If not, try it – you’ll see the problem! 

Read-aloud programmes will struggle to access normal PDFs. Your images, which often includes the magazine name and company logo, will just be missed out; information is read in the wrong order; tables won’t make sense; photos will be ignored but the captions might not be…so it all sounds very confusing and unprofessional – at best. It also makes your documents inaccessible to your blind and visually impaired customers and potential customers.

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The benefits of Accessible PDFs

Accessible PDFs have huge benefits, mainly: keep your branding, reach more people, save money!

Accessible PDFs keep your document’s original layout, design, and branding.

They can be accessed on computers or other digital devices by using specialist adaptive software programmes which:
• read text out aloud
magnify text
• or reproduce text on a refreshable Braille display.

So you can reach more customers, meet your legal obligations, and keep all of your important brandings on show. It makes sense financially too – you only have to get one accessible PDF produced instead of sending CDs across the country or printing off hundreds of Large Print or Braille copies of your documents.

A person looking at a document on a laptop






How do we create Accessible PDFs?

Accessible PDF’s are your original PDF document, with all of your original layout, design, and branding but – crucially – we make it accessible by:
• adapting the text layout so it is read by the software in a logical order
• providing accurate alternative text for images so visually impaired people know about everything that is on the page
• transcribing tables, graphs, and diagrams so they make sense and are read in the right way
• dealing with complex items such as maths and languages.

What types of document can we make into Accessible PDFs?

We can transcribe all types of document including magazines and journals, leaflets, handbooks, textbooks, and educational material and books.

Just get in touch with our friendly team! Give us a call on 01179 44 00 44 or get in touch via email at info@a2i.co.uk to find out more.

Want to see an Accessible PDF in action?

Click on any of the PDFs on our website, a good example is our Price Guide.
Then, in Adobe you just click on View – Read Out Loud.


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