11 November 2017

Widening participation and accessible formats

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What steps can you take to reach all your print-disabled students and potential students?

Making sure your prospectus and open day brochures are available in alternative formats is the first stage in widening participation for students who are visually impaired or otherwise print-disabled.

Taking the initiative and having these documents already transcribed and on the shelf, ensures that when you do have a request from a prospective student for an accessible version of your marketing material, you are able to dispatch the information immediately. In this way, print-disabled students will have access to the material at the same time as their sighted peers. By providing your prospectus in alternative formats, you create a welcoming environment for blind, visually impaired, and other print-disabled students; you demonstrate from the outset that you are thinking about accessibility.

At A2i we have 18 years of experience transcribing college and university promotional materials, providing fully indexed and accessible versions in Braille, Large Print, Audio CD, and e-text formats. We are also able to produce tactile maps of your campuses.

What happens when a blind, visually impaired or print-disabled student enrolls?

Do you have a weekly need to translate course material into accessible formats for your blind or partially sighted students? We can help!

Our quick turn-around time at A2i ensures your print-disabled students have access to the same course materials as your sighted students and can participate fully in the course. We also have skilled and experienced staff able to transcribe Maths, engineering, languages, linguistics, and more to degree level in various formats.

If you have the course materials before the course begins, we’re happy to transcribe them in one go, so they are all ready on day one of the course. Alternatively, if you are still producing course materials throughout the year, we’re capable of transcribing your documents on a weekly basis. We are experienced in providing this quick turnaround time for students and work closely with universities and colleges to make sure students get exactly the materials they need to complete the course, including producing exam papers.

For example, for a student to have equal access to Liverpool Hope’s BA Mathematics and Special Educational Needs degree course, A2i keeps to a strict weekly timetable, live-transcribing documents as the course progresses. Rosie and Susie in the Maths transcription team transcribe mathematical equations, graphs, geometry, and other diagrams into E-text, Braille, and tactile formats, allowing the student to be fully engaged in the course. Read our blog on how we make Maths accessible for Liverpool Hope University students.

So how does it work?

  1. Email your course documents to us on info@a2i.co.uk. PDF or MS Word are best. Tell us whether you need Braille, Audio, Large Print, E-text, or any combination, and how many copies. Also, let us know about any special information such as specific deadlines or particular requests from the student (e.g. giant print), etc.
  2. We’ll reply with a quote within 1 day and state the turnaround time for producing the work (normally 3 days). We’ll list any options you might want to think about.
  3. Our expert transcribers will then take care of your transcription, dealing with indexing, graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, and all other complex items for you.
  4. We’ll dispatch your order 2nd class, free of charge. Or you can upgrade the postage to 1st class or next day delivery, as required. We can even send the document straight to the student.
  5. We’ll email to confirm when your order is dispatched and include your invoice.

If you want further information, or have any queries about our transcription services, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help!

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