19 March 2018

What is the purple pound?

Close up photo of a rolled up five pound note

The term ‘purple pound’ is now widely used to refer to the collective spending power of disabled people. This spending power is estimated to be worth about £249bn to the UK economy. Apart from being a legal duty, if you don’t make your products and services accessible to people with disabilities, you risk losing this potential business. Can you afford to do so?

Stand out from the crowd: be accessible

Making your products and services accessible is a win-win scenario. Not only are you creating a more accessible environment for disabled people – contributing to more independence, choice, and opportunity – you are also increasing your market potential for your products and services. Only by incorporating equality into your business model and product range can you potentially share in the £249bn market.

Is your website losing your business?

Your website is often the first port-of-call for your customers. Making your website and online information accessible to people with disabilities – whether they have a visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairment – is not only socially responsible and a legal requirement, it’s also good for business. The Click-Away Pound Survey shows that many websites are still inaccessible, resulting in frustrated disabled web users clicking away to more accessible competitors. This is bad for reputation and bad for sales.

How A2i can help

A2i can help you demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and reach this market by translating your information, documentation, marketing materials, and printed products into accessible formats such as Braille, Easy Read, Large Print, Audio, and e-text.

For a chat about your project requirements, call us on 0117 944 0044 or email info@a2i.co.uk

For more information on the purple pound, visit BBC Ouch.

Photo by Philip Veater on Unsplash

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