24 April 2017

Meet recent recruit, Marianne

Marianne has recently moved back to her home town of Bristol after a 20-year hiatus in Brighton. She was managing a yoga and alternative health centre in Brighton so becoming a transcriber at A2i is a big change! She is enjoying getting to know Bristol again and has arrived at a very good time – just as it’s named ‘best place to live in the UK’ amongst many other flattering accolades.

1. How long have you been at A2i?Marianne with Rick Astley
I have been at A2i since October 2016

2. What do you do at A2i?
I am learning to be a transcriber – so far I am able to transcribe documents into Audio and Large Print format. Still lots to learn!

3. What do you like about working for A2i?
I like the fact that the work we do is providing a useful service for people plus I enjoy the team spirit in the office. We all work hard together to get the job done. The work is challenging and no day is the same which makes for an interesting work life!

4. What are you interests outside of work?
For the last 15 years of my time in Brighton I worked part-time as a professional choreographer and dancer. I have found some great dance classes to attend in Bristol already and am planning to start teaching and hopefully performing again here soon….

Thanks Marianne! We’re never gonna give you up (sorry!). Here’s a photo of Marianne (second from left) from her dancing days, with all round nice guy, Rick Astley.

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