23 May 2018

Getting your GDPR policies in accessible formats

Neon lights on scaffolding by roadside spelling out 'The same for everyone' against a dusky sky.

We hope you’re nearly there with your own preparations for GDPR, coming into force on 25 May. But please don’t forget your print-disabled customers, as they’ll need to read GDPR policies too.

For support making your policy documents accessible for your blind and print disabled contacts, get in touch – we’re happy to help!

For example

Why not get your GDPR policy statement transcribed into Audio format and uploaded to your website? This is a quick way to make your information accessible for lots of different people. Policy documents are also notoriously difficult to digest – perhaps consider an Easy Read version, which might be of benefit to everyone not just your contacts with learning disabilities.

You can also visit our blog for lots of accessibility tips on producing Large Print, Audio, Braille and other formats.

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