10 August 2017

Celebration and Thanks for 18 Years of Business

Thank You, Everyone!

We had a fantastic celebration last night at The Gallimaufry. It was amazing to see so many people there who’ve been involved in A2i in some way. I would just like to say three massive thank yous…

Thank you to everyone who has helped me pray about the big decisions, and helped me make the right decisions.

Thanks to everyone who’s given me advice, in particular Fiona Fraser, Matt and Shelley, who’d had a big impact on A2i and me!

And a huge thanks to all my staff. These guys are brilliant and have brought the company to what it is today. The 18 gifts, that we gave to others to celebrate our birthday, was their idea and shows the spirit of the company.

It’s great to mark this occasion, and realise what we’ve achieved. The display on the night highlights how far we’ve come. Funny to see how much I’ve changed in 18 years too!

Susie Fisher,

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