2 June 2017

Are you reaching all print-disabled customers?

Do you have customers with dyslexia or learning difficulties who might also benefit from accessible formats?

Meaning of Print Disability

Although most of the recipients of our transcriptions have sight loss, many are sighted but are described as having a ‘print-disability’. But what does ‘print-disabled’ actually mean?

“A print disabled person is a person who cannot effectively read print because of a visual, physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive or learning disability.”

So the term ‘print-disabled’ is an umbrella term which includes people with sight loss, but also covers sighted people who are otherwise disabled. At A2i we often transcribe texts to Audio and Large Print formats for people with dyslexia, as many dyslexic people find Audio and Large Print formats helpful in accessing texts such as magazines, letters, and brochures. Transcriptions can also be tailored for individuals – we often use different coloured paper and font sizes to increase readability for different people’s needs. For example, we were recently asked to transcribe a document in large print format on pink paper. Simply ask the end-user of the document what they prefer.

At A2i we also produce Easy Read translations for people with learning disabilities. Our Easy Read translation service translates texts into a combination of images and simple text for people with learning difficulties. When we translate into Easy Read we structure your document in a logical sequence, use straightforward, clear, and unambiguous language, and use images from Photosymbols to communicate the key messages to aid overall understanding. This service enables businesses and services to make documents such as reports and contracts accessible to everyone, ensuring people are aware of their rights and have equal access to information.

So, if you want to reach other print-disabled customers or readers and want a quote for Easy Read, Large Print, or Audio transcription, get in touch with us at A2i. We’re happy to chat about your project!

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