2 September 2019

A2i’s new staff member – introducing Talia!

Talia joined A2i earlier this year, coming from a customer service background. She’s normally the first to answer the phone, so if you’ve called the office recently you’ve probably spoken to her!

Talia by Bristol docks in a yellow jumper and black-framed glasses.

We asked Talia (short for Natalia) some questions about her role, as well as what she likes to do outside of work:

1. How long have you been at A2i?
I started at A2i in the first week of March 2019.

2. What do you do at A2i?
I am learning to be a transcriber – so far I am able to transcribe documents into Audio and Braille, and am currently learning to transcribe into Large Print.

3. What do you like about working for A2i?
I really enjoy doing a job that has such a benefit to end users. The atmosphere in the office is also really great. Everyone is so quick to help one another.

4. What are you interests outside of work?
I am a keen knitter, and can normally be found with knitting in my bag to keep me occupied on the train journey to and from the office! I also love music, and enjoy playing video games.

Talia also had the following to say:

Since starting at A2i I feel like I’ve learned a huge amount about accessibility and ways to provide information to people. I’ve spent most of my working life in customer service, and understanding that people have different accessibility needs is at the forefront of good customer service, but working here has really impressed upon me just how important a service providing documents in a variety of formats is.

I’ve also found myself noticing accessibility aids everywhere I look! From Braille in lifts and on doors to audio described adverts in the cinema, I’m now much more aware of the options for providing information to people, as well as how much further everyone can go to ensure that everyone is able to access the information they need, in a format that suits them best.

To contact Talia email: natalia.morse@a2i.co.uk

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