17 May 2024

A2i’s new staff member – introducing Dave Horwood!

Dave joined A2i in the Autumn last year, having moved back to Bristol from Brighton.

Dave’s knowledge and skills have been invaluable as we continue to improve our products, and he is a much-valued member of the A2i team.

Dave standing outside the Red Lion pub in Salisbury, at the end of one of his charity walks. Dave is wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a big rucksack! The pub is 800 years old, with pretty hanging baskets and a statue of a red lion, next to Dave.


We asked Dave some questions about his role, as well as what he likes to do outside of work:

 How long have you been at A2i?

7 months, I started at A2i in mid October 2023.


 What do you do at A2i?

I am a Development Assistant. I  quality check our Braille documents and tactile diagrams and I also provide accessibility testing for our PDF documents. I write blog posts on various topics related to the services we offer and carry out general product development research.


 What do you like about working for A2i?

The team are very friendly and always happy to help. There is a good atmosphere in the office and plenty of after-work socials throughout the year.


What projects have you enjoyed working on the most?

I feel positive about my time working at A2i and also knowing that my accessibility testing feedback will improve our products for customers in the future. I also learnt how to transcribe to Easy Read. Although this was sometimes challenging, it was a great opportunity to gain skills in a completely new type of work.


 What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

I love going out for walks and travelling to and experiencing new places. I also enjoy cooking and going to gigs.


What do you like about living in Bristol?

Its an exciting city with a lot going on. Lots of interesting pubs and live music venues.  I grew up near Bristol so it was great to move somewhere that I am already familiar with.


Thanks Dave!

We hope you enjoy re-discovering Bristol and it’s many walks.

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