20 July 2017

A2i turns 18!

A2i Celebrating 18 Year’s Journey

This year we’re celebrating our 18th birthday, and we’ll be marking this occasion with a big celebration in August! We thought our 18th would be an ideal chance to give something back to our community, so we’re also celebrating by offering 18 gifts to local organisations and businesses in Bristol. We hope they will help create a more accessible environment, while spreading awareness of sight loss.  They include…

  • A Braille Menu for the Bishops pub on the Gloucester Road – our local pub!
  • A bespoke audio version of Life Cycle UK‘s brochure (champions of cycling in Bristol)
  • A Braille Menu for the wonderful Gallimaufry restaurant and bar on Gloucester Road

We’ll also be sending our Braille Activity Sheets to schools, Braille bookmarks to libraries, and more… follow our blog for updates.

We’re so excited to be celebrating 18 years, and we are enjoying giving out our 18 gifts! We really want to thank everyone who’s been involved in A2i – our loyal customers, our highly dedicated staff, and all our supporters. Thank you!

You can read more about A2i’s story by clicking here.

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