22 September 2022

A2i are improving the look of your documents

Your alternative format documents might look different – we hope you like them.

A2i’s primary aim is to make information accessible. We specialise in making accessible documents for people with visual or hearing impairments, learning disabilities and other types of disability.

As part of our professional service we understand that branding, and a consistent and recognisable style are crucial for a lot of businesses and organisations, and for your documents too. You want your customers to easily identify your brand and know a document is from your organisation at a glance.

A2i always strive to improve and offer our customers the best products possible, so we’ve recently reviewed the style we use for our transcribed documents and made it better.

3 CD's with bands of colour to correspond with the corporate colours. Some CD's also show organisations logos and the front cover of the equivalent standard print version.

Braille, Large Print and a CD on a table. The Braille and Large Print have the document title top left, with text and background using corporate colours of yellow and purple. There is also a big photo from the standard print version on the covers. The CD has a band of pink at the top, text, logos and the front cover of the equivalent standard print document.

We have a ‘style guide’ for each of our customers, which we have updated. So your alternative format documents will still be:

  • accessible
  • accurate
  • professional; and
  • user-friendly

However, we will also focus more on your branding colour scheme, and the style and design of your original standard-print documents to make them look great too.

We love your feedback about our new style. Please send an email with any comments to: info@a2i.co.uk.

Look at other samples of our work on our portfolio.

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