15 August 2022

A2i and Mencap working together

About A2i and Easy Read

A2i holds a promise of ‘making information accessible’ and we provide a wide range of document transcription services that enable people with disabilities to have equal access to information. Our services include, Braille, Audio, Large Print, Easy Read and more!

Let’s take a closer look at Easy Read. A2i’s Easy Read service is a specialist format that combines images with clear text. This printed or digital format makes information accessible and easy to understand for people with learning disabilities.


Easy Read form


Mencap’s partnership with A2i

A2i works in partnership with our local branch of Mencap, the UK’s leading learning disability charity, to run an Easy Read focus group, also called a User Group, to constantly improve our services. In addition to this group, we collaborate to offer work experience opportunities for adults with a learning disability.

Read more about our Easy Read User Group and its benefits.

Mencap values and supports people with a learning disability alongside their families and carers by making sure they are heard and equally included, and this is where A2i’s work with Mencap is invaluable. One of their objectives is to encourage more employers to know that people with a learning disability make good workers when provided proper support. This is an important step towards inclusion in the workplace and breaking down the barriers to work in an open labour market.

Work experience at A2i

Mencap and A2i’s welcoming team help adults with learning disabilities to gain meaningful work experience at A2i. We’ve supported Mencap work experience placements with us since 2019 and we’re pleased to have been able to offer these opportunities.

A Mencap support worker attends with the work experience trainee to assist with travel to and from our offices, and to ensure they are comfortable and supported in the workplace.

The work experience offered by A2i is adapted to suit the interests and skills of the person working with us. Tasks may include administration, computer-based work on the early stages of document preparation for Braille and Large Print, and final production and packing.


A2i staff including work experience trainee from Mencap sitting around a table having a meeting

Interview with a work experience trainee

Our latest Mencap work experience trainee was called Oscar. He completed a short placement with us, and an interview to tell us about what he learnt and enjoyed at A2i.

Read our Interview with Oscar – His work experience at A2i.


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