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A2i transcribed essential information throughout the pandemic, to support the national public health response in Scotland.

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A2i and Public Health Scotland have worked together since 2014. So when the COVID-19 pandemic started in the UK, Public Health Scotland knew they could turn to A2i for accurate and quick transcription of  their essential information.


Vaccine information in alternative formats – Braille, Large Print and Easy Read


With advice, knowledge and information changing on an almost weekly basis, Public Health Scotland needed reliable, up-to-date vaccine information leaflets in Braille, Large Print and Easy Read in particular, so people could make informed decisions.  These leaflets were sent to vaccine centres across the country.

A2i was first established because we want to provide equal “Access 2 information”, so it means a lot to us that we have been able to help so many people at such an important time.  We’d like to share with you a letter of thanks that we have received from Public Health Scotland:


Thank You Letter from Public Health Scotland to A2i Transcription Services









Transcript of the letter:


“14th October 2021

I am writing to thank you and your colleagues at A2i Transcription Services Limited for the support you have given to Public Health Scotland throughout the pandemic.

We have been working to develop and distribute essential informed consent materials and letters as part of the national vaccination effort. These resources are required by vaccination centres and, as you know, the vaccinators cannot give jabs without them. An important aspect of this work is to ensure we provide accessible and inclusive information so everyone living in Scotland can make an informed decision.

By supplying COVID-19 easy read, large print and braille resources throughout the pandemic within the requested (often challenging) timescales you have contributed to the national public health response in Scotland – and together we have saved lives.

Thank you to everyone involved at A2i Transcription Services

Jane Weir
Head of Marketing and Digital Services
Public Health Scotland”


A2i and Public Health Scotland – Other work together


Read more about the other work that A2i and Public Health Scotland have done together in our case study: Public Health Scotland – reducing inequalities through accessible communication


About A2i


A2i helps organisations reach a wider audience by making information accessible for people who are disabled.

We transcribe text to alternative accessible formats: Braille, Audio, Large Print, Easy Read, e-text (word and Accessible PDF’s) and British Sign Language.

Contact our friendly team for more information for a quote.

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