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A2i makes your information accessible to disabled people, including those who are blind or visually-impaired, or to others who are unable to read printed text. We translate to alternative formats so that you can provide accessible print, audio, and electronic formats for your customers.

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A2i is all about access 2 information! We offer...

a professional service from our team of experts...

a prompt turnaround so your clients can access information quickly...

a personal approach, because every document and every customer is unique.

Feedback from one of our customers

"I've safely received the tactile diagrams thank you. They are amazing!"

Liverpool Hope University liaised with us to produce a fantastic range of accessible documents throughout the academic year for one of their disabled students

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Feedback from one of our customers

"The process from start to finish was easy and simple. Alice was able to answer any questions and tailor our order to our exact needs. The final product was exactly what we required for our customer."

This Residential Property Management Company aims for high standards of customer care, and therefore arranged personalised audio documents

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    World Braille Day – let’s celebrate

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A quote from A2i’s Managing Director

“What has made A2i what it is today? Belief and staff! My belief that A2i has something important to offer to employees, customers and the community. And I am fortunate enough to have found a really brilliant team of staff, whose enthusiasm has helped shape the ethos of A2i. They are dedicated, helpful and extremely capable. Together we hope we can make a difference.”

Susie Fisher, Director

Easy Read - available now from A2i!
A2i will translate your documents to Easy Read, quickly and professionally. Our experts combine clear, easy-to-understand words with helpful images, to make your information accessible to adults with a learning disability.

Through our close collaboration with Mencap, we also have a local user group of adults with a learning disability who give us valuable feedback and recommendations about our Easy Read, so we can be sure we always produce high-quality, understandable documents.

What types of documents can be produced in Easy Read? Leaflets - consultations - reports - surveys - letters - any other print documents.

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How to produce Large Print that is accessible to as many people as possible

We give away our experts' best tips on how to produce your own Large Print in-house