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This video is in Easy Read format for people with learning disabilities. It explains what Easy Read is simply and clearly. It's also a great example of the sort of video we can create.

Project info

If you need some information portrayed as a video for people with learning disabilities please get in touch for a quote.

The full transcript is below:

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What is Easy Read

Who we are
We are A2i Transcription Services.
We want to make information easier to understand.
Making information easier to understand means that everyone can read it.
This video tells you about easy read.

What is Easy Read
Easy read is a way of making information easier to read for people with learning disabilities.
Some information can be long and confusing. We make it shorter and easier to read.
We use simple words and short sentences. We explain any big or hard words.
We use pictures to help people understand the words we use.

Our User Group
We have a User Group of people who check our information.
There are lots of different ways to make information into easy read.
We want to make sure the booklets and videos we make are the best they can be.
We want to know what people with learning disabilities think about our easy read.

If you would like to talk to us about easy read
you can call us on 01179 44 00 44
or send an email to info@a2i.co.uk

Music: www.bensound.com

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