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Transcription of public documents to Audio (CD’s, and mp3’s for website), Easy Read, Large Print and Braille

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Arts Council England – supporting accessible art and culture


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Customer: Arts Council England

Services provided by A2i: Transcription of public documents to Audio (CD’s, and mp3’s for website), Easy Read, Large Print and Braille so visually impaired customers have equal access to all funding information and reports.

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“The staff are always so helpful and friendly, and we have always been extremely happy with the quality of the transcribed documents we get from A2i. In particular they re-create our diagrams and complex tables in a really logical and user-friendly way.”

Ash Egan
Communication Officer, Digital and marketing
Arts Council England

About Arts Council England

Arts Council England champion, develop, and invest in art and culture experiences. They support activities across the arts, museums, and libraries and invest public money from the government and the National Lottery to help create these experiences for as many people as possible across the country.

Arts Council England requirements

To promote their services, and to encourage applications for financial investment, Arts Council England produce a wide range of documents for the public, including Advice and Guidance documents and Application forms

Arts Council England want to make sure everyone can access their information, in whichever format is most suitable for them. To do this, Arts Council England proactively use accessible documents to reach and interact with people with disabilities across England.

The accuracy, quality, and clarity of their accessible documents are vital.

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A2i and Arts Council England – working together

Arts Council England approached A2i Transcription Services in 2003 and we have worked together closely ever since to produce documents in Audio, Easy Read, Large Print, and Braille. We give a little more information about each here:


Audio versions of documents are a valuable way for Arts Council England to ensure their information reaches people with a range of needs – including those with a visual impairment, a reading difficulty, or dyslexia. Plus, the growing audience who simply prefer listening to information on the go.

A2i produce a mix of professional audio to meet Arts Council England’s requirements – audio CD’s for dispatch to individuals, and audio mp3’s that are available on their website for instant access for everyone.

Listen to some of our Arts Council England audio here: Audio guidance

Easy Read

Learning disabled artists continue to be under-represented in the arts and Arts Council England and actively exploring ways to increase their participation.

A2i create expert Easy Read documents for Arts Council England to help them communicate with adults with a learning disability.

View some of our Arts Council England Easy Read documents here:

Our plan 2020 to 2030

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Large print

A2i’s large print documents are professional and clear, using font sizing, layout, spacing, and colour contrast for maximum visual clarity, to enable Arts Council England to reach as many people as possible. Documents are sent out to individuals on request, and are also available on the Arts Council England website to read or print.

Here’s some of our large print for Arts Council England: Shaping the next ten years


A2i produce high-quality braille for Arts Council England with important design features and layout to ease navigation and durability. Forms, images, tables, and graphs are all transcribed and portrayed in an appropriate way, so readers have equal and full access to all of the information.

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  • People across England can access all of Arts Council England’s information through their fully accessible documents.
  • Readers have equal access to Arts Council England’s information and can browse it quickly, and easily online, or request accessible documents by post.
  • Arts Council England meets its legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and has accessible information online as required by the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

About A2i

A2i helps organisations reach a wider audience by making information accessible to people who are blind, visually impaired, or cannot otherwise read printed text.

We provide ‘Access 2 information’. We transcribe text to alternative accessible formats, so print-disabled people have equal access to information. We produce information in Braille, Audio, Large Print, Easy Read, and electronic formats (e-text).

Contact our friendly team for more information for a quote.

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