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Audiobooks have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Their fan base spans all generations, reading abilities, and disabilities, giving everyone the ability to fit reading into their busy lives. Having an audio version of your book will increase your audience by breaking down barriers, allowing your readers to listen on the go, in the car, whilst doing the dishes and more commonly nowadays via their mobile phone.

A2i have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to bring your book to a wider audience. We specialise in transcribing books and documents into accessible formats, with expertise in audio recordings for a wide range of audiences. You can listen to some examples of our books here:

About our service

We are professional, friendly, and helpful and have

  • 3 years expertise in recording audio
  • Experience with varied scripts – fiction, poetry, classic literature, non-fiction, technical articles, educational material, corporate literature, legal guides
  • Excellent digital clean-up – production of the final audio files to top professional quality
  • In-house recording studios – soundproofed space and professional equipment
  • Experienced narrators and actors offering a range of voices, accents and personas
  • Staff skilled in diagram description – full scripting of technical diagrams and flowcharts


If you would like us to produce your audiobook, please just get in touch for a quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I get to choose my voice?

You will have a choice of 2 voices, carefully selected by us, that are appropriate for your specific book.

How do I sell my audiobook?

We can distribute your book for you on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Alternatively we can produce physical copies on CD/DVD, or we can simply provide a master for you to copy and distribute. All these options will be discussed with you when we put your contract together.

How much will it cost?

Our prices depend on complexity so please email us a few sample pages of your book, let us know your total wordcount, and we will give you a fixed quotation.

How long will it take?

Audiobooks typically take about 2 months to put together. Obviously the timing depends on the length of your book, but also on the number of amendments you request along the way. We will always try to get your book ready for distribution as quickly as possible, and there will be certain time commitments agreed in your contract.

What do I do next?

Please contact us today. If you are a large publisher and you just require a competitive quote, or if this is your first audiobook, please get in touch. We can tell you more about the process, and provide a fixed price quotation.

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