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At A2i, we believe that everyone should have equal access to information and this includes digital content and website accessibility. Our website accessibility services enable you to make your online content available to people with disabilities, including those with a hearing or sight impairment.

We can produce a web accessibility audit for you to provide your own IT team or web developers with a list of required changes to make your website accessible.

We continually make sure that our own website meets the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA standards. To assist other organisations and businesses, we offer a range of website accessibility services:

  • Web Accessibility Audit
  • Accessible Web Design
  • Content Accessibility
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The benefits of our web accessibility audit service

Ideally, website accessibility will be a key consideration when your website is in development, although we understand that this isn’t always possible.

If you already have a website, but would like to ensure that it is inclusive to all users, then our web accessibility audit could be the solution.

When we audit your website, we will:

  • review your website against WCAG guidelines
  • review code to ensure content is accessible and screen reader friendly
  • test your website using the Apple VoiceOver screen reader
  • check that pages respond to magnifying to at least 200%
  • review page layout responsiveness across common device screen sizes
  • review language for clarity and conciseness
  • test content with colour blindness emulation tools

Once our review is completed, you will receive a report on the compliance of your website. For each non-compliant item, we will provide recommendations on how to improve your website, including images and code as appropriate.

Our web accessibility audits are clear and understandable for web developers or communications departments to implement. This means that you can resolve the issues yourself, or use our audit to outsource the work. You can come back to us for a re-audit later if you want.

Our process
How to place an order for a Web Accessibility Audit


Email us with the details of the type of web accessibility support you require

Email us the URL of the website that you would like to be audited. Let us know any other details and if you have a timescale.


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We'll send you a fixed price quote for our services. We'll state the turnaround time and list any options you may wish to consider.


Sit back and relax

Our web accessibility specialists will audit your site or make the agreed revisions to your digital document/s and/or website.

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Accessible PDFs

Our website accessibility services include:

Web accessibility audit

  • assessing websites to provide a web accessibility audit
  • suggesting a list of changes that will improve website accessibility
  • giving detailed guidance for web developers or IT teams to implement

Accessible web design

  • our expert accessible web designer will complete a new web accessibility build
  • designed with a focus on user experience and UX accessibility, e.g. links, fonts, colours
  • HTML site coding for text-to-speech software or text-to-Braille hardware

Content accessibility

  • digital content, e.g. PDFs and Word docs, provided in accessible formats
  • content in plain language and illustrated with clear diagrams for users with learning difficulties
  • sign language videos or closed caption/subtitles
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