Who We Are

Large PrintA2i provides “Access 2 information” for everyone. We transcribe text to alternative formats, to enable visually impaired people to have equal access to information. To reach this objective, we will work for anyone who requires transcription – from large corporations to the individual.

Our company has a policy of continuous improvement, and strives to meet needs as they arise. We have a particular focus in the Education sector, following the need for a quick turnaround time for students at universities and colleges. However, our range of customers has steadily expanded and we now serve companies and organisations in a wide range of sectors. Please click here to see the areas we now work in. In the past year we have also seen an increase in the number of restaurants and pubs contacting us to make their menus accessible for visually impaired diners. And our latest project is to promote our new services of Maths, Scientific and Foreign Language Braille.

Please contact A2i if you require any more information, or if you just want to discuss possible transcription needs. We are sure that you will find A2i’s service both professional and friendly.