Are web screen readers enough?

By Susie Fisher|July 16, 2018|Uncategorized|0 comments

“…thanks but we don’t need accessible formats, we use a website screen reader on our site…”   This is unfortunately something we’re hearing more and more from our clients, but unfortunately it’s a misunderstanding which may create further barriers. We explain why… Although web screen readers such as Browsealoud and ReciteMe are highly impressive and welcome new communication tools, they are not a cure-all and do not function as regular

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Easy steps to make your cafe, restaurant or shop more accessible

By Katy Brickley|April 30, 2018|Accessibility, blog, Uncategorized|0 comments

Did you know there are 13.3 million deaf and disabled people in the UK, many with hidden disabilities? You probably don’t want to exclude disabled people from your cafe, restaurant, shop or service but perhaps you don’t realise you’re doing so. We give you some advice on easy steps you can take to make sure you’re not creating unnecessary barriers… Is your door easy to open? Is there a big

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