This is our resources page where we share information about accessibility issues.

Since Susie started A2i in 1999 we have gathered a great deal of useful information and tips on alternative formats and accessibility.

So, find out how to produce your own Large Print, download a tick-list for making your meeting accessible, and explore our other free resources. You can also find out how to buy our Braille factsheets and bookmarks on this page.

Guidelines for producing Large Print in-house

Large Print tips

How to produce Large Print that is accessible to as many people as possible

We give away our experts' best tips on how to produce your own Large Print in-house

Tips for creating an Access Guide for your Event

Event access guide

What to include in your event access guide

Putting together an access guide for your event – with details of the accessibility measures you have in place – is a great way to let your attendees know how they can benefit

10 top tips - meeting a person who is blind

Meeting Blind People cover

Some tips for when you meet a blind person

Some suggestions to ensure you are helpful and respectful when meeting any visually impaired person

Braille v technology

Braille vs Tech Cover

Is Braille still needed?

We explain why Braille is still so vital today, even though technology is making visually impaired people’s lives easier in many ways.

Alternative Formats - Top Facts

Formats Infographic Cover All the stats you need to know including ... how many people read Braille in the UK? Which formats are preferred? And how many books are currently available in alternative formats?

Top 5 ways of producing Braille

Top5 ways of producing Braille (cover)

How is Braille made?

A useful description of the most common ways that Braille is produced in the UK. This knowledge can be really helpful when selecting the most appropriate method or style for your situation.

The Accessible Information Standard - what it is and what you need to do

The accessible information standard cover A brief, helpful guide to the Accessible Information Standard which has been in force in the UK since the 1st August 2016. Includes details of what the you need to do, to ensure that for you meet your legal duties.

The Braille Alphabet

The Braille Alphabet Cover A brief description of how Braille is displayed, with information about the Braille alphabet, numbers and sizing.

Please visit this page again soon to see new resources. Our website has just been updated, and we will be transferring a lot of information to this section as soon as possible.

We also sell some products via Amazon. Please click on any of the items below to take you to the item directly on Amazon.


Braille Activity Sheets

braille activity sheet

Available to order from Amazon

These fun activity sheets are full of Braille facts and feature real 3-D Braille. With the help of an army of ladybirds and a hidden message from our dotty leopard, our activity sheets are designed using original artwork to create a fun and engaging learning exercise.

Braille Bookmarks

braille bookmark

Available to order from Amazon

These bookmarks provide a handy reference for the Braille alphabet. An excellent tool for anyone interested in Braille, they also complement our Braille Activity Sheets.

Braille Keyboard Covers

braille activity sheet

Available to order from Amazon

A2i's Braille keyboard cover - a fantastic way to turn a standard keyboard into a Braille keyboard. A2i has used our years of experience to design a flexible moulded Braille keyboard cover, also known as a Braille keyboard protector.