The A2i team are committed to producing alternative formats which match the needs of your customers. Not every visually impaired person reads or needs Braille. Many people have some sight, but have difficulty reading regular size print (10-12 font).

We produce Large Print to a size and format that we know is suitable for most visually impaired people. Our standard Large Print size is 16 font, using black text on pale yellow paper. However, we are happy to adapt our style to suit your customers' needs.

Let us help you with your project

The process is simple: just send us a copy of your document, and we will do all the specialist work – including dealing with complex items such as tables, forms, graphs and images. Our turnaround time is usually just 3 working days. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Our Large Print transcription service includes:

Standard Large Print

Different types of document

  • letters, books, magazines and reports
  • financial billing and statements
  • exam papers
  • menus

Page from Brownie book

Output in various styles

  • different font sizes and paper colours available
  • stapling, comb-bounding, or filing
  • graphic design option to match your branding
  • postage to you or directly to your customers

Example from FA

Expert detail

  • adherence to UKAAF industry guidelines for all layout
  • adaptation of complex items - tables, graphs and forms
  • use of colour combinations and contrast
  • a range of languages, and maths to degree-level

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