At A2i we want to make sure people can access information both in hard copy and digitally. Many print disabled people access texts using computers or other digital devices, using software which reads text out loud.

Our transcription team can adapt your document so it is compatible with the largest range of read-aloud software (e.g. JAWS) as possible. We can also ensure your document can be used with Braille displays and enlarging software. This is called E-text transcription.

Let us help you with your project

The process is simple: just send us a copy of your document, and we will do all the specialist work – including dealing with complex items such as tables, forms, graphs and images. Our turnaround time is usually just 3 working days. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Our E-text transcription services include:

using screen enlarging software

Different types of document

  • magazines and journals
  • financial billing and statements
  • text books and educational material
  • books

using screen reading software

Output in various styles

  • sent to you in both Word and rtf format
  • bespoke labelling, packaging and branding
  • optional adhesive Braille labels
  • CD wallets or cases

refreshable braille display

Expert detail

  • adapting text layout
  • translating diagrams, graphs and pictures
  • Etext in a wide range of languages
  • maths E-text to degree-level standard


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