Providing a timely response to your customers' alternative format request is vital in our on-demand society. Audio transcription is often the quickest way to get your documents out to your customers, and can be made podcast-ready at the same time.

Our audio transcribers will deal with any necessary scripting, adapt the contents and internal page references and include diagram descriptions and embedded hyperlink information. We are experts at transcribing specialist technical documents and can help you find the right vocal style that suits the subject matter and audience.

A2i believes that everyone should have equal access 2 information

Prompt - Our turnaround time is usually just 3 working days. Let us know if you have a specific deadline

Professional - Documents produced by our transcribers sound natural and undergo a clean-up process to make the recording crisp and clear for the listener.

Personal - We can create labels and cases to match your company branding specifications or tailor the recording for your audience, whether that's a chattier style or using a range of voices, we are always happy to help.

We can produce Audio in various formats, please just let us know your specific requests!

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